This sections contains a subset of the past talks and contributions of the Swarm team.

Swarm Orange Summit

Orange papers


Aron Fischer, Louis Holbrook, Daniel A. Nagy: Swarm Development Update - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

Viktor Trón and Aron Fischer - Swap, Swear and Swindle Games - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

sw3 London

Louis Holbrook: Resource Updates - EthCC, Paris, March 2018

Daniel A Nagy: Encryption in Swarm - EthCC, Paris, March 2018

Viktor Tron Base layer infrastructure services for web3 - EthCC, Paris, March 2018

Louis Holbrook (Ethersphere, Jaak) PSS - Node to node Communication Over Swarm - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

Daniel A Nagy - Scalable Responsive Đapps with Swarm and ENS - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

Aron Fischer - Data retrieval in Swarm - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Zahoor Mohamed (EF, Swarm team): Swarm Fuse Demo - Ethereum Meetup, Berlin, June 2017

Daniel Nagy: Network topology for distributed storage - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Fabian Vogelsteller - Swarm Integration in Mist - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Daniel Nagy (EF, Swarm team): Plausible Deniability (2 parts) - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Elad Verbin: Data structures and security on Swarm (2 parts) - Swarm orange summit, Berlin, June 2017

Louis Holbrook (Ethersphere, Jaak): PSS - internode messaging protocol - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Viktor Tron - Distributed Database Services - Swarm Orange Summit 2017

Viktor Tron - network testing framework and visualisation - Ethereum Meetup, Berlin, June 2017

Doug Petkanics (Livepeer): Realtime video streaming on Swarm - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Nick Johnson on the Ethereum Name System

Viktor Trón, Aron Fischer: Swap, Swear and Swindle. Swarm Incentivisation.

Viktor Trón: Towards Web3 Infrastructure.

Dániel A. Nagy: Developing Scalable Decentralized Applications for Swarm and Ethereum

Aron Fischer, Dániel A. Nagy, Viktor Trón: Swarm - Ethereum.

Viktor Trón, Nick Johnson: Swarm, web3, and the Ethereum Name Service.

Nagy Dániel, Trón Viktor: Ethereum és Swarm: okos szerződések és elosztott világháló.

Dániel Nagy: Swarm: Distributed storage for Ethereum, the Turing-complete blockchain.

Viktor Trón, Dániel A. Nagy: Swarm. Ethereum Devcon1, London, November 2015.

Dániel A. Nagy: Keeping the public record safe and accessible. Ethereum Devcon0, Berlin, December 2014.