8. Team and Organisation

8.1. Communication Channels

8.2. Organisation and Funding

The Swarm project has no coin and has not done any form of crowed-sale. Funding between 2014 and 2019 was mainly provided by the Ethereum Foundation and augmented by private Sponsors. The project is financed by parties which require Swarm as an infrastructure.

The following organisations employ employees or pay contractors to work on Swarm:
  • Ethereum Foundation Ethereum is the main sponsor for the Swarm project. The Ethereum Foundation employs the majority of the team.
  • IOV Labs Contributes with substaintial resources since the IOV and Swarm Partnership in June 2019.
  • Private Sponsors - Swarm is partially supported through private sponsors. e.g. E-Point (Budapest).

8.3. Swarm-Team

8.3.1. Swarm Core Track

Name Organisation Responsibilities
Anton Evangelatov Ethereum Foundation Go Developer / DevOps
Rafael Mathias Ethereum Foundation Go Developer / DevOps
Elad Nachmias Swarm Go Developer / DevOps
Janos Gulyas Swarm Go Developer / DevOps

8.3.2. Swarm Incentive Track

Name Organisation Responsibilities
Fabio Barone Swarm Track-Lead from Swarm Side Go Developer and Architect
Rinke Hendriksen Swarm Swarm Smart Contract Development
Vojtech Simetka IOV Labs Track-Lead from IOV Labs side, Go Development
Marcelo Ortelli IOV Labs Go Developer
Ralph Pichler Swarm Smart Contract Development
Diego Masini IOV Labs Reseach / RSK integration

8.3.3. Swarm Communication Track

Name Organisation Responsibilities
Louis Holbrook Swarm Track-Lead from Swarm side, Go Developer
Oskar Thorén Status.im Project Lead from Status on the Communication Track

8.3.4. Swarm Research Track

Name Organisation Responsibilities
Daniel Nagy Ethereum Foundation Research Lead and main contact for SWIP Process
Aron Fischer Ethereum Foundation Research
Viktor Tron Ethereum Foundation Ethereum Foundation and Team-Lead Swarm

8.3.5. Organisational Support

Name Organisation Responsibilities
Tim Bansemer Swarm Fantastic Mr. Fox for Swarm
Edina Loves Swarm Marketing Support, Event Organisation,PA-Viktor

8.3.6. Former members of the team

in order of their engagement

Name Organisation Leave
Vlad Hluhovsky Ethereum Foundation June 2019
Ferenc Szabo Ethereum Foundation April 2019
Balint Gabor Ethereum Foundation September 2018
Zahoor Mohame Ethereum Foundation April 2018
Nick Johnson Ethereum Foundation January 2016
Zsolt Felföldi Ethereum Foundation 2015